Pastors: Janet Hernes Mathistad & Gerald Roise
Organist: Kari Files

October 15, 2017
19th Sunday After Pentecost

* Standing, for those who are able
Carol Choir (8:30), Sanctuary Choir (10:30)
Welcome & Announcements
Leader: We lift up today, O Lord, churches around the world with whom we partner in sharing your word, living your love, and serving one another.
C: Give us wisdom and understanding so that we can be true companions in the faith journey that you have given to us all.
Leader: We lift up today, O Lord, those who have made commitments to serve as companions with our global church partners: our missionaries and Young Adults in Global Mission.
C: Guide us in our daily lives, Lord, so that we celebrate with thanksgiving those who serve locally and globally.
Leader: We lift up today, O Lord, the church of Madagascar and its people, and our companion synod, the Central African Republic as they struggle with warfare, insecurity, and extreme poverty.
C: Help us to find ways to be true companions with our brothers and sisters in Christ who face daily turmoil.
Leader: This is your church, O Lord. We are brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.
C: Thank you, Lord, for sharing your love with all of us so that we can walk together as partners in faith.
*Hymn: “Jesu, Jesu” Hymn 708 (1-3)
“Hallelujah! We Sing Your Praises” Hymn 535
*Prayer of the Day
Lord of the feast, you have prepared a table before all peoples and poured out your life with abundance. Call us again to your banquet. Strengthen us by what is honorable, just, and pure, and transform us into a people of righteousness and peace, through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen
First Reading: Isaiah 25:1-9
Psalm 23
Second Lesson: Philippians 4:1-9

* Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14
Pastor Janet
“Let Us Go Now”
Hymn 523


* Apostles’ Creed p. 105
Holy Baptism p. 227
* The Prayers
* Peace

Presentation of the Gifts
Offertory: “God Extends an Invitation”

* Hymn 486
* Prayer
P: Merciful God, C: You open wide your hand and satisfy the need of every living thing. You have set this feast before us. Open our hands to receive it. Open our hearts to embrace it. Open our lives to live it. We pray this through Christ our Lord. Amen

Distribution, “Lamb of God” (p. 191)

*Great Thanksgivingp. 190
*Holyp. 190
* Words of Institution
* Lord’s Prayerp. 191

Anthem, Hymn 247
* Blessing
* Post-Communion Prayer
P: Jesus Christ, host of this meal, you have given us not only this bread and cup, but your very self, that we may feast on your great love. Filled again by these signs of your grace, may we hunger for your reign of justice, may we thirst for your way of peace, for you are Lord forevermore. C: Amen
* Benediction
“We Have Seen the Lord”

* Hymn: Hymn 869
* Dismissal

Alternate Worship Texts from Sundays and Seasons, copyright © 2016 Augsburg Fortress.

WELCOME TO WORSHIP! Large print bulletins and personal hearing devices are available from the ushers. Please sign a worship/communion card. (Take one from the pew rack.)
ACTIVITY BAGS (paper, toys, etc.) are to enjoy and return. COLORED ENVELOPES are for kids offering in our kid’s church.
COMMUNION PRACTICE at Bethany: We offer bread or gluten-free wafers and either wine or white grape juice. All the baptized are welcome at the Lord’s Table. If you are a guest and commune in your home church, we invite you to share in the Lord’s Supper with us. If you do not yet commune, please come forward to receive a blessing.
PRAYER CONCERNS: Ray Westmeyer, Joni Olson, Ida Latendresse, Lenhart Mindt, Larry Walter, Alice Selberg, Adeline Schoenberg, Leon Turner, Pastor Arland Fiske, Ike Syverson, Betty Niemann and family with the passing of Betty’s mother Elizabeth Kantola, Mason Steliley All men and women serving in the military.
Trinity: Archie Kress

PRAYER CONCERN POLICY: Names will be carried for up to two months. After two months, you may call to re-enroll a name for another two months.
CAUSE OF THE MONTH: Our cause of the month is mission support for Domestic Violence Crisis Center. Use the global mission envelope in your offering box to support this cause.
The PINK ENVELOPES may be used for donations to the Hurricane Relief Fund for the ELCA. We will be collecting funds thru the end of September.
Faithful Christians – Expressing Thanks
Coordinator Mary Duchscherer and Jessie Casey
Altar (8:30)Larry & Dianne Walter
Ushers (8:30) Parker Wold, Roza Larson, Brian Mathson, Norman Jacobson
(10:30) Merle & Donna Lee, Al & Sandy Hanson
Greeters (8:30) LuAnn Roise, Peggy Schumaier
(10:30) Daryl & Cleo Nicolaisen
Lector (8:30) Dave Myers
Communion Assistants (8:30) Mary Jordahl, Pat Julson, David Myers, David Alvin
(10:30) Claire Larson
Altar (9:30) David Alvin
(11:30) Claire Larson
Coffee Hour Treats
Altar Guild Lolly Rostad, Pat Julson

DEVOTIONAL BOOKLETS are available in the narthex for October, November, December.
Bethany’s website: bethanylutheranminot.org
BETHANY’S STREAMING: bethanylutheran.tv
Bulletin & Newsletter Deadlines: The deadline for input and articles in the Messenger newsletter is the 20th of each month, unless otherwise noted. The deadline for bulletin items is 4:00pm on Wednesdays for that following weekend. Thank you!
Alzheimers support group meets the 2nd Monday of the month at Vincent United Methodist Church, 1024 2nd St SE at 7pm. All are welcome.
Blood Pressure Checks will be done the 1st Sunday of the month.

Bethany Lutheran Foundation
To benefit the ministry of
Bethany Lutheran Church
now and to sustain it for
future generations
If you have a confirmation picture from 1970 we would like to make a copy and replace the one that was damaged downstairs.

The Church was rekeyed Tues Oct 10th. At this time, all current entry keys will no longer work and new ones may be issued based on need. Council will have final authorization on who may receive a new key.

Coffee Donations Welcome!!!

Please save upc bar code labels from your purchases of Our Family Brand Products. The Lord’s Cupboard food pantry gets five cents per label. There is a container for collection in the narthex.
PLEASE SAVE LABELS FOR LEARNING located on the bottom of your Cash Wise receipts for the Minot Back Pack Buddies program.  
There is a collection bag in the narthex.

Camp Metigoshe Fall Work Day: Saturday, October 21 from 8:00am – 5:00 pm. Please let them know by Wed Oct 18th if you would like to help. Call Melissa Kornkven at 701-263-4788 or email at melissa@metigosheministries.com

Nursery is available on Sunday’s during Worship!

LYO is selling Butter Braids &
Cost is $11.00 each
Selling until Oct 18
Delivery Nov 14

Global Church Sunday – Oct. 15

Each year, more than 225 ELCA missionaries, including Young Adults in Global Mission, serve in more than 40 countries around the world. Western North Dakota Synod currently has 3 young adults serving in South Africa, England, and Madagascar. Each young adult is asked to fund-raise $5000 to help support this program. Join us for a special emphasis on Oct. 15. Krista Mathistad, serving in Madagascar, has raised $3000. A free-will offering will be received to help toward this goal.

On Oct 22, 2017 at 9:30am there will be a forum with Heather Ellis. Heather and her missionary family were in an internment camp in the Philippine’s from 1942-1945.

th :

TODAY 8:30am Worship
9:30am Fellowship
10:30am Worship
4:00pm Rhett Pederson
TUES 9:30am Mary Circle
WED 9:00-12:00 Sewing
10:00am Staff Meeting
4:45pm Carol Choir
5:00pm Supper
5:15pm Chapel Choir
5:45pm Confirmation/Church School
6:00pm Adult Forum
6:45pm Worship
7:30pm Sanctuary Choir
THURS 9:00am Coffee with the Boys-Bethany
7:00pm Servant Ministries/Speaker
SAT 7:15am Bfast with the Boys-Bethany
SUN 8:30am Worship 9:30am Fellowship/Missionary Family
10:30am Worship

Today at the 10:30am service will be the baptism of Matilda Grace Olson. She is the daughter of Steven & Pamela Olson. She was born August 27th, 2013 in Gilbert, AZ. Matilda’s sponsors are Tracy & Sandi Olson.

Background checks
have started. If you have not yet been approached and work with any of the youth programs, please stop in the office for an authorization form.

Deidre Wall will be attending classes at Luther Oct 15
th thru Oct 18th!

Winter El Salvador Trip being Planned!
In February of 2018 a mission trip to El Salvador is being planned.   If you would like more information about this 10 day trip south in the middle of winter, please talk to Pastor Gerald.    We will once again be building cement homes and working with families, schools, churches and communities.    We learn about the challenges they face and come back humbled by all that we take for granted.     The dates for this trip will be Feb 2nd -Feb 11th, 2018.    

Rhett Pederson for Eagle Code of Honor!!

Join Us Thursday Sept 19th at 7:00pm to listen to Benjamin Duane Hylden as he takes us on his journey. He knew God but now he loves God!
Everyone is Welcome!!