September Pastor’s article:
Do you ever have songs that stick in your mind so much that you end up singing them all day or even better,  dream about them at night?    It happened to me this past week, a song popped into my head, and hasn’t disappeared.  “They will know we are Christians by our love”!    The words of this song are a great reminder of our calling as Christians.    What I find so troubling and so sad is that others may not know by our words or actions that we are Christians.    So often our words and deeds do not match what we confess.    We say one thing and do another.     We are quick to hate, judge and divide rather than be most concerned about our own actions.   We tend to judge others and see their faults but not our own.     

So what can we do as a church to make a difference?    We have difficulty changing the world, our country or even sometimes our own prejudices.     What we can do as a church and as Christians is place emphasis on positive not negative reactions to others.    We can emphasis being of “service to others” not because they deserve it but because it is what God’s call to us is about.     Serving others usually  helps the one giving the service as much as the one who is receiving.     

Many changes are happening at Bethany this year,  with new staff in key positions, with schedules and activities being purposed and changed,  we have chosen to emphasize how we might teach and live out being of service to one another.    This emphasis is doing what the song asks of us.   “They will know We Are Christians by Our love.”

We are called to be servants.  Our church is filled with those who do so much within and outside of our church and in the community.   We have sewing, food pantry, Hostfest volunteering.  We have all kinds of volunteering with youth activities:  school music, sporting and academic events which often happen because parents have volunteered to drive, direct or support.      So when we say as a church we’re emphasizing service,  what do we mean?

Elsewhere in this newsletter,  you will find articles about news ideas to do service in new ways.   The donation station will be happening soon.    Church school and worship activities will focus on service,  we will be having conversations about how we might be creative in “being the church”  outside and inside our building.

We want to welcome our new “Coordinator of Family, Life and Learning,” Deidre Wall.     One of
Deidre’s responsibilities is to help us by being the coordinator & planner of special activities where we can live out the role of helping others.    We are excited about the possibility of thinking with her about how our faith is lived out through our actions and how all ages can spend time together helping being God’s hands in this world.

Rather than a focus on the hate actions  and topics of our day , might we focus upon the JOY of being Christians.    In a conversation in the office the other day it was shared that spreading “JOY” is really what we are called to be about.   The “J” stands for Jesus first,   The “O” means others are second, the “Y” reminds us that yourself is third.   When this word is spelled correctly our faith is real and “They will know we are Christians by our love.”     We are excited about a new year of activities in the church community,  not only the building.      Welcome aboard! Pastor Gerald

Awesome weekend held “Fishing in Faith”
Bethany men recently enjoyed a weekend together at Camp of the Cross at a retreat called Fishing in Faith.  Joining them were fellows from Garrison, Bismarck and Tennessee.   We spent time eating too much and waiting for fish to bite, but the best part of our time together was renewing friendships and building new relationships, both with God and one another.   Don Lee assisted the guys during worship with guitar and harmonica.   Thanks to all those who took part.  This was our third annual event with hope to do the same next year in the first part of August.   Please consider taking part next year!

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Pastor Janet’s Joke of the Month
My memory is gone, said Mildred, so I changed my password to “Incorrect.” That way when I log in with the wrong password, the computer will tell me… “Your password is incorrect.”

The Donation Station is coming to Bethany!
As we focus on the beginning of our fall programming at Bethany we are excited to share that our Ministry of Care Team is challenging all our members and our Bethany Neighbors to fill the Donation Station with groceries for the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry.  The special trailer will be parked in our Bethany parking lot starting Sept 10.  For each 1,000 lbs of food collected the Minot Area Foundation will make a $500 cash donation to the Pantry.  All non-perishable food will be received, weighed and recorded with the goal to giving 2000 lbs of food.   The foods most needed would be cans of tuna,  soup, beans or vegetables as well as jars of Peanut butter.   We would suggest healthy food thus not soda or candy.    
Our neighbors, the Ward County Courthouse, the Minot Public School Administration, and the Minot Fire Dept will be invited to participate in this food drive.
The Donation Station will be available Sunday September 10th from 8-12;  Monday thru
Wednesday September 11-13 from 12 noon until-1:00.   Wednesday September 13
th will also be our Rally time for Church School so the donation station will also be available on that Wednesday evening.

It is meaningful to participate in helping others,  what an awesome way to partner in helping out the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry


PLEASE SAVE LABELS FOR LEARNING located on the bottom of your Cash Wise receipts for the Minot Back Pack Buddies program.  
There is a collection bag in the narthex.



Please join us Sunday September 24 during fellowship to celebrate Bev Jensen!


If you know of anyone who would like to own their own home and is currently paying more than $500.00 in rent, this would be cheaper. Please contact Pastor Gerald for more information.

Background checks for Insurance
New Insurance requirement for anyone who works with children & youth at Bethany: Church School, Confirmation and LYO. If you are someone who is working with children, you will receive an email that has the link for you to fill out your information.

Update on Krista’s Madagascar YAGM Assignment

At this very moment, Thurs. Aug. 24, Krista is in flight between Paris, France and Antsirabe Madagascar. She will spend 3 weeks in Antsirabe with her 9 YAGM colleagues, doing an intensive language and cultural immersion. Then she will travel to her own city of Fianarantsoa. They are south of the equator, so in their last month of winter, heading into spring. Fianarantsoa is one of the colder locations, so winter temps drop into the 40’s – not a problem for a North Dakota kid! And Krista is happy not to be going to one of the hot, humid regions of Madagascar.

In Fianarantsoa, she will be living in a small Malagasy apartment within the Tanana Ambony (Old Fianar) community at her primary placement site. This is a primary and secondary school, with opportunities to work with kids teaching English. She will also have the opportunity to work at the Deaf school, described as “a particularly spirited deaf school with some dynamic staff and students.” Krista will be given a sign language name that somehow explains part of her physical self. She will be able to teach English, play with the kids and do some arts and crafts with them.” Krista will also be part of the Community English Clubs that are organized by the Pastor’s wife.
Your prayers are most welcome as Krista begins this new venture in her life, serving in mission through the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission program.


August Council Minute Briefs

Deidre will be meeting with the team next week to decide how the Wednesday evenings will be scheduled.

Parish Education

Donna, Ariel and Deidre are getting the curriculum in place. Deidre Wall has been hired part-time to coordinate the Education Program.

Ministry of Care/ Local Missions

Mary Carlson and Cleo Nicolaisen have stepped up to be co-chairs of the Ministry of Care Team. Judy Mathson will take notes and send them to team members.
Sue Johnson would like to coordinate with the Minot Public School Admin. Office, the Courthouse and possibly the Fire Station to have the Minot Area Community Foundation’s Donation Station parked in the Bethany parking lot for a few days. For every 1000 pounds of food donated, the Foundation will donate $500.00 to the food pantry.


Cleo Berven is doing a library makeover. She has been cleaning out the old and bringing in new books, and would also like to make use of some of the money in the library fund.

Property Management

The bathrooms have been completed with new tile and fresh paint. There have been many positive comments on how nice they look.
The office space that was used by Christ Lutheran has been painted and redecorated by Luann Roise and Mary Jordahl, and has been renamed the “Upper Room”.


Peter Mathistad was awarded $5000.00 towards his college expenses.


Krista Mathistad will be serving as an ELCA missionary to Madagascar and needs to raise $5,000.00 to do so. It was decided to have a special event for her at church in early October so that the congregation has a chance to contribute to her mission trip. Whatever amount that is needed after that will be made up from other funds, up to $5,000.00.

New Business

The church insurance policy is now requiring background checks for those adults in the church who are involved with the youth of the church. Brian Mathson made a motion to enact background checks based on what information we receive from the insurance company. Jessie Casey seconded the motion.

Attention Bethany Ladies

  • Miriam Bible Study Group will meet September 14 for potluck at 1:00 pm and Bible study at 2:00pm
  • Mary Circle will meet Sept. 20 at 9:30am.
  • Sunday Circle meets on Sept. 10 at 9:30am.
  • Quilting ladies meet Sept. 6.


Metigoshe Ministries
4-6 Grades Sept. 22-23
Junior High Oct. 6-7
7pm Friday to Noon Saturday

Metigoshe Ministries
Harvest Festival
A Family Fun Day!
Sunday, September 24
Camp Metigoshe at Pelican Lake

Hay Rides Hot Dog Roasts
Pumpkin Decorating Camp Fire Treats
Games Worship and Devotions
Family Camp Adventure Fellowship and Fun
Please RSVP to 701-263-4788 by September 20
No Charge to Attend, Free Will Offering Accepted

Voices from Norway
Sept 22, 2017
4:30 pm Concert 6:00 pm Meal
Metigoshe Ministries
Lakeside Christian Center
165 Lake Road E Bottineau ND
RSVP 701-263-4788 or
by Sept 15
Free Will Offering!

Adventures Marriage Retreat
Sept 22-24, 2017
7:00 pm Friday to noon Sunday
Cost $210.00/Couple ($10.00 discount if registered by Sept 15)
Call 701-263-4788 or go to

BLCW Fall Cluster Meeting

The fall gathering of the Turtle Mountain Cluster will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Zion Lutheran Church in Towner, ND. Theme for the Cluster meeting is Renewal of Creation (psalm 104).

August Offering

06 $6,817 13 $5126
20 $6253 27 $?
Thrivent Choice $?
Thrivent Simply Giving $5650

August Ministerial Acts

Funerals: Evelyn Chambers
Transfer Out:

Ministry of Care Notes
1. The 2018 Progressive Picnic may be held in one location, with a possibility of having games for kids and families. 2. Cleo Berven has signed up with the Volunteer Companion Program to provide services to those who may be in need.  There is a list in the church office for those who may need services, and for those who would like to sign up to provide services. 3. October 15th is "Global Missions Sunday". The Ministry of Care Team will provide treats for coffee hour, with the free will offering designated to Krista Mathistad's mission trip to Madagascar. 4. The Minot Area Community Foundation's Donation Station to benefit the Lord's Cupboard food pantry will be set up in the Bethany parking lot Sept. 10th, 11th, and 12th.  For every 1000 lbs. of food collected, $500.00 will be donated to the food pantry from the Arnold Besserud Fund. 5. Bethany is partnering with Zion Lutheran and other churches to help raise money for student bus passes.  School counselors identify students in need, and the passes cost $26.00 /month per student. 6. Next meeting is Sept. 21st at 5:30 in the library, new faces are always welcome!
New Member Sunday

New member Sunday will be held October 8th at either worship service. If anyone is thinking about joining Bethany or if you know someone who would like to join please notify one of the pastors or call the church office. There will be a new member orientation on Oct 1. A letter will be sent out with any information you will need.

Attention Bethany Boys

  • Breakfast with the Boys begins Saturday, September 9, at 7:15am.
  • Coffee with the Boys begins on Thursday, September 7 at 9am at Bethany.

Volunteer Your Talents
Sing in the Choir
Chapel Choir 5:15PM to 5:45 PM
(Grades 6-12) Beginning on Sept. 13
Carol Choir  4:45PM to 5:15 PM
(Grades 1-5) Beginning on Sept.13
Sanctuary Choir 7:30 (Adults) Sept. 13 Come and Join You Will Love
Singing With Us


Sunday Morning Circle Resumes

Sunday Morning Circle will meet September 10. All are welcome. The first several sessions will deal with “The Apostle’s Creed”

September Cause of the Month
Global Health Ministry
Who We Are

Since 1989, Global Health Ministry has sent teams of health care professionals to provincial villages and distressed urban areas in Latin America and the Caribbean to help people with little or no access to professional health care. Founded as Global Outreach, today's Global Health Ministry has served thousands of people through the dedicated work of hundreds of volunteers. Support Global Health Ministry by using your global mission envelope in your offering box.



Date Time Activity Where Who Misc.
Sept. 6 7:30 pm Confirmation Parent Meeting
Seven Steps with Students
Sept. 10 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Sept. 13 7:15 pm Potato Patch Dailey Farm
Sept. 17 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Sept. 20 7:15 pm Scavenger Hunt
Sept. 24 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Synod Forms Due
Sept. 27 7:15 pm I love the fireside! Shelley’s House

Welcome back! Jacob, Shelley, and Donna are excited for another year of crazy LYO fun with you! We meet every week 7:15-8:30 and always look forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing about your week. If you have requests for activities let us know :-) There is a bulletin board downstairs in the Fellowship hall with a calendar of events. The Bethany Lutheran LYO Facebook page will have updates too.
9th-12th graders what are you doing over teacher’s convention? You have the great opportunity to attend the Western ND Synod Youth Gathering! It’s October 20th-22nd in Bismarck. There is something for everyone!! We hear from different speakers, participate in large and small group worship, tackle some service projects, and get to swim a little too! The cost is $95 and registration is due September 24th.
Rally Day!!

Join us for a special
Family Rally Day on Wednesday, September 13th. We will be doing a “God’s Work, Our Hands” project (wear your yellow shirts if you have them!), along with taking time to meet your new Sunday School teacher and check out your room, plus family worship! We are looking forward to an exciting year at Bethany!

Report from the WELCA Triennial Gathering

“All Anew” was the theme for the 10
th Triennial gathering of Women of the ELCA held in Minneapolis MN in July. Sharon Grondahl and I were delegates for Bethany. We joined fifty other women from western ND and traveled by bus to Minneapolis. Another fifty women from eastern ND joined the 3300 women gathered at the convention center in downtown Minneapolis.

We heard encouraging, exciting and helpful speakers from California, Arizona, Liberia, Wisconsin and Minnesota. The bishop of the Minneapolis area Synod, Bishop Ann Svennungsen, lead the opening worship service and the presiding bishop of the ELCA, Bishop Elizabeth Easton, preached.

The Gather magazine summer Bible study “Saying Goodbye to Nice” was presented by Kelly Fryer. She is the author of dozens of books on the topics of mission and leadership. She is the director of a YWCA in Arizona. The movie “Dreamcatchers” is a documentary about a former Chicago prostitute who helps women and girls leave the sex industry. She answered questions after the movie. Trafficking is one of the national concerns of the ELCA.

Women seminary students and women Pastors from El Salvador, Honduras, India , Liberia, Nigeria and South Sudan shared their faith stories in a workshop. A Pastor from India has served her congregation for 20 years. Ms Prairie Rose Seminole, who is originally from New Town gave a presentation on Native American culture.

There were also many hands on servant events (quilting) exhibits and book signings.

The new Women of the ELCA president is our very own Western ND member Lisa Plorin from Upham, ND.

It was truly wonderful to be a part of this gathering, to see the leadership of women doing our mission to act boldly on our faith in Jesus Christ.

Claire Larson


Høstfest Cookie Baking

Hostfest is coming soon and we will again be baking cookies to sell at the Stockholm Booth. Because of health guidelines, all cookies need to be baked at the church or in a commercial kitchen. The following dates have been set up. Please contact the chairperson listed for each day that you would like to help.

Sept 7 at 9:00am Date Filled Cookies
Sharyl Roth 838-6885
Pat Schimke 839-5883

Sept 14 at 1:00pm Krumkaka
Kathryn Swanson 838-4756
Sept 18 at 9:00 am Ginger Cookies
Reni Coffin 721-3462
Sept 21 at 9:00am Sugar Cookies
LuAnn Roise 839-4306

We should also have groups making Rosettes and Sandbakkles if anyone would like to organize these. Thanks to all who are helping out.

LuAnn and Sharyl


Quilting will start again Sept 6th. Are you ready? We’re anticipating another season of good work, good fellowship and good treats. New workers are always welcome. You do not need to know how to sew. Most of our tasks are non-sewing, tying, pinning the edges, cutting blocks, and laying out the quilts on the tables ready for the tiers. In fact, we really need people to lay out the quilts. On the job training is given as needed, and the benefits are great. We quilt the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please come and help. If you can’t come every time, we don’t dock your pay! Any question please call Sue at 852-1981. Thanks in Advance!

Minot Day of Giving
Bethany will be taking part in the Minot Day of Giving on Sept 15th. School bags and health care kits will be assembled for Lutheran World Relief. If you can help an hour or two, we’d love to have you! Please watch the bulletin for the exact time and more details! Sue T


My husband, Aaron, and I have lived in Minot since 2006. Aaron is full time Army National Guard. We have three children, McKade, Aiden, and Brynn. I am a graduate of Minot State University with a degree in elementary education.  I will be attending Luther Seminary for a degree in Children, Youth, and Family Ministry. I enjoy reading and canvas painting. Our family enjoys camping, biking, as well as family game and movie nights. I am the new Family, Life and Learning Coordinator. Deidre Wall


Originally from Carpio, ND the daughter of Ronald and Blanche Johnson, I have lived in N.D. all my life. I am married to Stacy Abrahamson for almost 20 years now. We have one daughter, Hallie, who has started her freshman year at NDSU-Go Bison! I have 3 stepsons and a grandson, Joshua and his son Hunter(Minot), Jordan(Fargo), and Justin(Minot). We ranch south of Blaisedale on the Roy Abrahamson farm where we currently raise cattle and a couple horses. We also own and operate Abrahamson Trucking here in Minot. In my spare time, I enjoy running after the kids & their sports, spoiling my two puppies (Izzy & Dora), gardening, cooking, haying and looking after cows. Before coming to Bethany Lutheran Church, I had spent many years at Center for Family Medicine in the billing office. I am very excited to become a part of Bethany Lutheran Church as Office Manager! Everyone has been so kind and welcoming!
Patti Abrahamson


My husband Charlie and I have been married for 25 years and we live in Minot.  Our kids and granddaughters live in Texas.  I grew up in Velva and my parents still live there.  My brother and his family live in Bismarck and my sister and her family live in Sidney MT.  We enjoy spending as much time as possible with our family.    With our kids and grandkids in Texas we don’t get to see them as much as we would like but skype helps a little.  I also enjoy baking. I am the Office Secretary here at Bethany! Jackie Hebor


Sept. 27 – Sept. 30

Home Cell
Chairman Larry Walter 838-5329 720-1981
Stockholm Booth
LuAnn Roise 839-4306 629-1567
Sharyl Roth 838-6885 720-4614
Tray Line AM
Jeanne Meiers 839-1221
Tray Line PM
Tony Meiers 629-1938
Paulette Nush 838-0402 720-5191
Biscuits & Gravy
Boyd Hanson 340-3576
Larry Roth 838-6885 720-0535
Donna Erickson 852-3603
Bruce Grover 838-1475
Kitchen Staff
Lauren Ballantyne 722-0688
Cleanup Saturday
Pete Thunshelle 838-9552
Council Rep
Tim Reiten 340-9857