New Life, It must be Spring!

As I stepped out of my car the other day at the farm, the fresh air, the warm sunshine, and the running water nearby flooded a feeling over me that went to the bottom of my soul! It was a feeling of really being blessed. Needless to say, one reason I was so excited was because I was there to hold and experience the joy of a new life in a grandson, Knute Roise. His birth into our family fills us all with great thankfulness and excitement. Excitement not only to share his life but to give thanks to God for so many blessings.
It seems this time of year, new life is around every corner. I hear about and watch the birth of new calves and other livestock. With each new birth, the miracle of new life gives us a perspective of awe and thankfulness. The other day when we were blessed with spring tulips in our church sanctuary, it happened again. The joy of thinking about new life and the coming spring flooded over me.
We may not always think about melting snow as a way to focus on new life, but to me, it is one of the greatest signs of hopefulness that we experience in life. As the days get longer and the sun shines brighter, new life is being uncovered with each melting snow flake.
Today as I stepped over and around water puddles, I made my way to order the beautiful flowers for our Easter morning worship services!! Again, it was with anticipation and hopefulness to think about watching the eyes of those who place flowers in our big cross Easter morning. Our images of new life pale in comparisons to the “New Life” and hope we find in sharing the Easter message. Yes, the Easter lilies, the sound of trumpets, the singing of “Where you there”, all remind me of the greatest New Life possible.
The “New Life” I’m referencing is our new life in Christ. As we can acknowledge the power and difference Christ’s death and resurrection makes in our life, then we can truly see new life! It is my hope this new life is not just a time of celebrating a day, having dinner with family or doing something special with friends. But this New life might be significant enough that we think about it daily! Not only think about it but realize that because Christ has promised us New life with him, we can be excited every day even if the sun isn’t shining.
Christ has promised to not only being present in our times of feeling blessed but even more profoundly when we see no hope. It is then that our baptismal waters flood over us much louder and wetter than any melting snow or disappearing snowbank.
As a new little calf runs and plays soaking up the sunny day, may our lives be filled with excitement for the New life we have in Christ. May it be not just an external joy we wear on the outside but something we wear to the bottom of our soul. Happy Easter
Pastor Gerald

Bethany Lutheran Church Women are starting a new afternoon Bible study circle. We will be using the Bible study published in the ELCA Gather Magazine. We will start on Tues April 10th at 2:00pm in the church library and will continue on the 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please call the church office or Claire Larson if you are interested!



Don and Joyce Anderson


Greg Simonson

Pastor Janet’s


Pastor Janet’s Joke of the Month

I’m combining Easter and April Fool’s Day this year. I’m sending the kids out to hunt for eggs I haven’t hidden.

How do you make Easter easier?
Replace the t with an i.

Jesus is playing a round of golf with Moses in Heaven and they come upon a water trap. Jesus turns to Moses and asks, "Didn't you do something with water once?" and Moses says yeah and proceeds to do the trick where he parts the waters. Jesus is impressed, and Moses in turn asks, "Didn't you also do something with water?" Jesus says, "Yeah watch this," and proceeds to step out onto the water. But he sinks almost immediately to his knees. He gets out, gets a running start, and tries again, this time sinking to his waist. He comes out confused and embarrassed and Moses asks, "What was it you were trying to do?" "I used to be able to walk on water," Jesus replies. "The last time you tried it," Moses asks, "Did you have those holes in your feet?"


Looking for nursery attendants. Anyone over 18 years old- young adult, parent, retired, or grandparents encouraged. Church will provide CPR training and background check. Please contact the office.

***Exciting News****
There will be a 2018
Bus Trip! pastedGraphic
The Bethany Bus Trip will be “Heading West” finding surprises hidden on the North Dakota Prairie. It is with great enthusiasm that we share the details about an upcoming Bethany Bus Trip August 27-29th. We again have hired our chartered bus out of Rugby with our regular driver, John, at the wheel to explore sites in western North Dakota.
We will leave Minot on Monday morning, August 27
th, and travel to the Falkirk Mine near Washburn to explore the coal mining industry finding treasures beneath the prairie. After lunch we then travel to Bismarck to the newly expanded North Dakota Heritage Center. That evening we will be enjoying a steamboat ride down the Missouri before settling for the night at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Mandan.
Tuesday brings us to Medora stopping first at the Badlands Bible Camp for a servant project and our noon lunch. We then will have time to explore downtown Medora, attend the pitchfork fondue and the Medora musical.
Wednesday brings us to the North Unit of the Theodore National Park, The Watford City Oil Museum and Fort Union Historical Site. After an evening meal in Stanley we return into Minot having explored some of the hidden surprises on the Western North Dakota Prairie.
The bus trip is limited to a total of 50 people with the Bethany members having until April 30
th to make their $100 non-refundable deposit on the trip. From May 1 until June 30 members from other church and friends can join on a first come basis. Total cost of the trip is $420 for double rooms and $545 for single rooms. We hope you will consider traveling with us and having a meaningful and fun time! Please contact the office with reservation information. Final payment shall be due by July 25th

Will meet Tuesday, March 21
st at Trinity Nursing


Quilting Will Take Place 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
(April 4
th and 18th) at 9:00 AM

pastedGraphicwill take place 2nd sunday (April 8th) @
9:30 AM

March Offering

03/04 $6,898
03/07 $528
03/11 $4735
03/14 $854
03/18 $4257
03/21 $
03/25 $
Thrivent Simply Giving $5350
Thrivent Choice $269

February Fund Raiser Totals

Northern Plains Advocacy $689
Lords Cupboard $217

March Ministerial Acts

Funerals: Gloria Kallias, Ronald Johnson,
Inez Serr

Luca Bourquin



Anne and Willie Langdji

Anne & Willie are serving as part of the regional representative team for West Africa. Anne and Willie and others are responsible for representing the West Africa desk of ELCA Global Mission unit in the on-the-ground day-to-day relationships with the companion churches and institutions in West Africa, including the primary relationships in Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon and the Central African Republic. As regional representatives, their work will help the Chicago office to be wise and faithful stewards of the global mission vision, relationships, and resources.
This is an exciting time to walk together with people of faith in West Africa. It’s also an incredibly challenging time in light of the global economic crisis and the reduced resources available for missions. During such a time, the ministry of regional representatives like Anne and Willie will be critical in assuring our companion churches of the commitment to walk together with them at all times

March 2018 Memorials:
In Memory of Judy Breiland
Undesignated from Steve & Vicki Tschannen,
Kelly & Penny Brandt, Dustin & Nicole Myers,
Gayle Lee, Bev Pederson.
Ministry of Care Boyd & Phyllis Hanson.

In Memory of Ronald Johnson
Undesignated anonymous cash donation.

In Memory of Milton Hetland
Undesignated from Grace Fisher.
Sound System from Terry & Karn Stevick.

In Honor of Luca Bourquin
Undesignated from John & Jeanette Festvog
And Gloria Hauge.

Hammering Out Faith with Dad: On the first weekend of May once again the Dad and Kids retreat will be held at the Metigoshe Bible Camp. This retreat is for Dad’s who want to make a memory with one of their kids by exploring the great outdoors and working in the shop building a FAITH Chest. The retreat begins at 7:00 on Friday evening and runs until noon Sunday. The retreat is open to all Bethany Dads with kids between the age of 8-12. The weekend cost is $145 per family which also covers the material for the faith chest. The Bethany foundation also is offering a $100 scholarship to each family that attends this retreat so the net cost is $45. Please talk to other families that have participated in this retreat and ask about the experience. We hope you would consider putting this very unique memory with Dad on your calendar.


BLCW Rummage Sale

BLCW will be having their rummage sale/bake sale on Saturday, May 5th from 8:00am to 1:00pm. Now is the time to clean out those closets, basements and garages! We will continue to emphasize vintage items and collectibles. We will have a “new items” table this year. We are hoping to add some craft items on this table too. Don’t forget to take slips off your plants to add to our plant display. In other words, we take everything except electronics. We do accept small appliances.
Make this the best sale ever

Turtle Mountain Cluster Spring Gathering April 7th, 2018 at First Lutheran Church of Rugby from 9:00am – 3:00pm.
“Spring Cleaning for the Soul”
Contact the church office for ride information.


The first week in May is a fun time at Bethany if you are a member of the BLCW rummage sale committee. We work three days on the women’s largest fund raiser at our church. The first two days are spent marking items and we will conduct our sale on Saturday, May 5th. The committee chairs provide treats and lunch so you don’t want
to miss those times. We have a bake sale on Saturday and serve caramel rolls and coffee throughout the morning. You do not need to work all three days, just a few hours would be great. After the first year, you will see that you want to be there all the time because you might miss out on finding the treasure of a lifetime. We will be asking for your assistance in our work schedule starting April 8th. Please join us for a fun time!
Pat Julson, Phyllis Hanson and Cookie Berning

BLCW Coordinating Council

Bethany Lutheran Church Women’s Coordinating Council meets the first Sunday of every month at 9:30am in the Church Library. We do not meet during the summer months.
We are one of the main service groups in the Church. We provide lunch for funerals held at Bethany. We also have a rummage and bake sale once a year. The donations we receive for our services are used for projects at the Church and our annual benevolence. The Council consists of four Officers, seven Members At Large, and one Representative for each Circle. Two of the Members At Large terms will be vacant this spring. This is an invitation to all of the Women in the church who would be interested in becoming a member of BLCW Council. Please contact Judy Anderson at 420-0957. The Council is a group of fun, enthusiastic women doing God’s Work!
(April’s Meeting will be April 3
rd at 5:30pm because of Easter Sunday)


Confirmation Schedule
Wednesday, April 25

  • 5:00 pm – Pictures
  • 5:45 pm – Supper & Reception
  • 6:45 pm – Family Worship Service

Sunday, April 29

  • 10:30 am – Rite of Confirmation


Nicaragua Mission Trip: The rescheduled mission trip which several Bethany members will take part in happens from April 21-29th. We will be building homes in Nicaragua similar to what was planned then cancelled in El Salvador last February. Most of those who had previously planned to travel with us are rescheduled to this upcoming trip and in addition a couple new people have joined the trip. We are excited to be able to complete our mission trip and give thanks to all who are supporting us with prayers, best wishes and financial support. We once again look forward connecting not only with the family we build with but also schools and churches in the area.

Somerset Court Benefit Breakfast & Bake Sale
for the Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry
Saturday, April 7
th 2018
8:30-11am @ Somerset Court
1900 28
th St SW Minot
Nonperishable items and money donations welcome!!!
Advance tickets can be purchased at Somerset Court, or through Lord’s cupboard volunteers

LYO in April

4/1 Happy Easter! He is risen!!
No Coffee Hour
7:15pm Horticulture with Haili
9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm Travel Safety with
Coffee Hour
7:15pm Bible Study
4/22 9:30am Coffee Hour
7:15pm Footloose with Jake
9:30am Coffee Hour

Thank you for supporting the LYO Lenten Wednesday night suppers.  It is always a great time of fellowship! A huge thank you to everyone for making the Sunday School Carnival a success! The money that was raised will be used to provide our youth with scholarships to Camp Metigoshe, and the food money will help defray travel costs for our LYO members when attending the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston this Summer

Sunday School:
$4,485 Silent Auction/Carnival Games
$219 Bake Sale
$516 Donuts & Lunch

Church School Calendar:
April 18th Family Fun Night
May 9
th Spring Fling
th 10:30am 3yr old-
2nd grade sing

Bethany Technology Team: With our recent upgrades in sound and technology for Bethany we want to pause and give thanks to those who have helped finance these improvements. We also want to especially thank the team that previously or currently generously of their time to bring our services to those apart from the building. Current team members include: Tony Meiers, Allen Hirzel, Eric Lehner, Brian Messmer, Jon Mathistad, Conner & Sherry Dyke, Tim & Deanna Reiten, Ryan Rustad. We deeply appreciate what this team does for us both enhancing services in house and bringing our services to those not able to worship with us. If you know of anyone who might enjoy working with this important part of our church please be in touch with any of those named above or the pastors. We train and accompany all that are interested.

Synod News!

Organ Concert on April 22 - First Lutheran Church, Minot

Rev. Norm Paskowsky will be performing an organ concert on Sunday, April 22nd, 3:00 at First Lutheran, Minot, featuring all American music.  Public are invited with a free will offering going to the Gary Stenjhem Scholarship Fund, MSU.

“A People for God’s Name” Believing and Belonging in Luke-Acts @ Christ Lutheran Church
Apr 21 @ 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

You are invited to join the Western ND Synod GIFTS Committee and Rev. Dr. Eric Barreto for a day exploring diversity through the books of Luke and Acts. Survey after survey demonstrates that ethnic diversity is only increasing in recent days and yet many of our churches remain culturally homogeneous. What might a church that invites diversity look like? We will turn to the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles to wonder together how God’s gift of diversity might take root in our lives together. Too ofter, our tendency has been to imagine that our faith “solves” the “problems” of diversity by making us all one, the same. In contrast, the author of Luke-Acts views our differences as a gift to be treasured not a difficulty to be overcome.

TEEM Ministry: The Bethany church council desires to inform all the members of Bethany about an upcoming special meeting and vote to be held on April 8th between church services. At this meeting a vote will be taken to support David Myers as he begins his Seminary training through the TEEM (Theological Education for Emerging Ministries) educational route. This route would involve David studying distributively with Wartburg Seminary, in Dubuque, Iowa. While studying Dave would begin on the job training with the Deering and Bethany Congregations. Over a period of four years David would steadily take on more duties and responsibilities with our congregations and Pastor Gerald would agree to decrease his responsibilities, both time and salary. Adult Forums will be held to answer questions and give more details concerning this purposed new venture.

Bethany Birthday’s!

1st – Don Boger, Donna Randash
nd – Jarrett Schlag, Todd Westmeyer
rd – Jocelyn Lucy, Carisa Opperude,
Ethan Permentier
th – Kim Colbenson, Rodney Guderjahn,
Amanda Murphy, Sage Richter,
Carolyn Stair
th – Katelynn Farrell, Valerie Lehner
th – Shane Christiansen,
Cody Hodenfield,
Christopher Klimpel, Amy Olson
th – Rodney Arnold, Sonja Lee,
Bram Smith
th – Trenton Howard, Bethany Hoff,
Lynn Meine, Matthew Meine,
John Nissen, Hanna Tollefson
th – Susan Jensen, Roger Larson
th – Paul Seibert
th – Ed Nush, Harleigh Reimche,
Esther Rose
th – Ryan Bachmeier, Gordon Opstad
th – Robert Knorr, Michael Larson,
Michelle Wolf
th – Claire Larson
th – Kristin Congreve, Breanna Mindt
th – Susan Coffin
th – Karen Brunner Wright,
Timothy Johnson
th – Karla Bredahl, Niki Brose,
Robert Fix, Richard Hodnefield
th – Robert Anderson,
Rebecca Breitkreutz
st – Daryl Anderson, Duane Olson
nd –Audriana Henderson, Darla Leslie,
Heather Nelson
rd – Kelsey Bennett, Sutton Bourquin,
Mike Lucy, Melissa Maasjo
th – Logan Fisher, Bailey Gantzer,
Jaxon Guillory, Rylan Otto,
Kianna Parisien
th – Solomon Flanagan, Donna Kress,
April Mindt
th – Pastor Janet Mathistad,
Troy Westmeyer
th –Chloe Alexander, Danielle Heinze,
Gianna Malachowski
th – Kaiya Tollefson
th – Reece Pederson
th – Kelsey Howard, Bev Jensen,
Ayden Williams

Bus Passes

Thank you so much for your generous support of our students with transportation needs!  The students and parents are relieved to know they have consistent transportation to and from school every day!  They are very appreciative and always say "Thank you" when they receive their pass each month.  The attendance and grades of these students have improved due to their regular attendance!  Academic success gives students hope to graduate and hope for their future!  Thank you again for your kindness to support students and commitment to education!  We appreciate you!   - - - School Counselor

I would just say the passes provide a huge sense of relief to parents who are struggling knowing their kids will have a consistent ride to and from school each day. -- Assistant Principal 

Transportation to and from school is no longer a barrier to receiving a quality education for a number of our students.  Thank you, local ELCA churches, for your continued commitment to provide funding for monthly bus passes.  Your kindness and generosity helped our students to consistently attend school.  --School Counselor 

Kid quote, "Are you serious you can help me out with that." 

The bus passes alleviate a ton of stress of kids that would have to spend hours after school waiting for a parent to get off work or having to find a ride from someone else. 

Admin Assistant, "You can see the sigh of relief on the students face when are given a bus pass and don't have to be stressed about transportation to school." 

Since starting outreach for bus passes for students in January of 2017 approximately $5,400 has come in to help support the fund.  That money has helped over 200 students ensure attendance at school, which in turn increases grades, self-esteem, and over- all success! 


All Things Metigoshe!

A Reminder from Education Committee

The Bethany Education Committee has a ruling for camperships. You must have your request for camperships in the office one month before the date you wish to attend camp.
All registrations must be sent to Metigoshe with the $100 deposit by the camper. In fact, you should look out for the early-bird registration for the discount.
Register on line for Metigoshe Summer Camp at

At Metigoshe

Friday Night Live (Gr. 4-6) - April 13-14
Grace-Filled Gardens – April 27-28
Piecing Faith Together with Mom –
April 20-22
Featherweight Quilting –
April 23-25
Hammering Out Faith with Dad –
May 4-6
Spring Trek to Winnipeg Manitoba – May 4-7
National Youth Gathering (Houston)–June 24-July 3 2018


Spring Dates Grades 4-6:  April 13-14, 2018

Join us for Friday Night Live…basically the best sleepover you’ll ever experience! We will adventure outside, play games, pray, eat snacks, learn more about God, meet great new friends, head out to camp for adventure and a campfire, and we’ll even squeeze some sleep into the whole mix! We will have a snack Friday evening and will make breakfast and lunch for you on Saturday. Grab your sleeping bag, appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather, and one adult advisor for every six kids. See you there! Each participant will receive a

$25 per person

7:00 pm Friday to Noon on Saturday

Grace-filled Gardens Retreat April 27-28, 2018 7:00 pm Friday to 7:00 pm Saturday Cost: $95 per person
$10 discount if registered by April 20, 2018


April 20-22, 2018 7pm Friday to 10:30am Sunday
With the responsibilities and activities that go on day to day – it can be hard as a parent to get one-on-one time with your children. This retreat is designed so you can take time to be with your child, grow deeper in faith together, and spend time with other moms. Not only will we be “piecing faith together,” we’ll also piece together some garden stepping stone mosaics! You’ll get to bring one home with you and leave one to make your mark on the Metigrowshe Garden. This retreat is limited to mom and one child – you can make it a tradition and plan to return next year with another child! We will make sure a theme room is ready for you and will plan all of the activities and meals – the only thing you need to do is show up and start making special memories! Each participant will receive a T-Shirt.
$120/pair $10 discount per pair if registered before April 13.
The Bethany foundation also is offering a $100.00 scholarship to each family so the net cost is $20.00

FEATHERWEIGHT QUILTING RETREATpastedGraphic April 23-25, 2018

10:00 am Monday to 5:00 pm Wednesday
Here is a special retreat for Featherweight Machine Quilters. Come and gather at the Lakeside Christian Center for quilting and conversation. Compare your machines and just enjoy the quiet hum of the featherweight as you work on your special quilting projects. We will provide meals, accommodations and relaxation as spring arrives in the beautiful Turtle Mountains. You provide the projects and machines.
Cost: $145 per person
$10 discount if registered on or before April 18, 2018
2018 Spring Trek to Winnipeg, Manitoba Friday, May 4 to Monday, May 7 Cost: $600 Double Occupancy; $780 Single Occupancy