From the Pastor

Each year, the fourth Sunday after Easter is designated as Good Shepherd Sunday. Our scripture readings include the 23rd Psalm, as well as a portion of John 10, in which Jesus identifies himself as the good shepherd. Jesus compares himself against the hired hand. The hired hand runs away at the first sign of danger, whereas the good shepherd is willing to lay down his life for the sheep.
For Jesus to be shepherd, means constant living for his sheep. When we think about this in human terms, there are many dangers that threaten to divide and scatter us. We are scattered by problems in relationships, by clever speeches that persuade us to make bad choices. There can be economic interests and problems that divide neighbor against neighbor, one institution against another, or communities against one another. Greed and the desire for power get in the way of human relationships. These are all things that threaten our security, and they’re a far cry from idyllic scenes of green meadows and frolicking lambs.
As much as we try to create little fortresses of security for ourselves, all it takes is an unexpected financial setback, a major new health issue, to let us know that there is a basic helplessness to our human condition. We are vulnerable. We are breakable. We bleed. There is only one who can offer us a way out – a way that takes us beyond the grasp of the wolves and all the other threats to our security. And that one, of course, is the good shepherd. He is the one holding our hand even in the midst of our trials. He is the one shedding tears when we shed tears. He is the one offering us strength that we don’t even realize we have, until we are called upon to use it.
He says, “I lay down my life for the sheep.” That is the difference between the good shepherd and the hired hand. The hired hand bails out when things get tough. But Jesus the good shepherd was willing to die in order to save the sheep.
He could have made the decision to leave us behind, to decide that we were hopelessly lost, and not worth the agony of dying for. But because he is our good shepherd, he wouldn’t even consider such a thing. So great is his love for each one of you that the good shepherd willingly laid down his life. It’s not that we’re anyone special. We are our own cranky, stubborn, selfish, mixed-up, greedy selves. Some days we probably wonder why anyone would want to be our friend. And yet, to the good shepherd, we are special.

He sees us as his beloved, helpless, misguided sheep – sometimes stubborn, sometimes lazy, and all the other bad adjectives we can think of. And yet he counts us worthy to belong to him. There is nothing that we can do to stop him from loving us. “I lay down my life for the sheep.” That is love in action. We don’t deserve it. But then his love does not depend upon our worth.
In Christ,
Pastor Janet

Looking for nursery attendants. Anyone over 18 years old- young adult, parent, retired, or grandparents encouraged. Church will provide CPR training and background check. Please contact the office.

April Ministerial Acts

Funerals: Charles Herrmann, Alice Johnson,
Terry Peterson

Lincoln Lee Rasmusson, Brekynn June Enget, Arianna Gayle Gangl

Pastor Janet’s


In this day of social media and other electronic communication, readers of a publication were asked to take familiar Bible verses and update them. Here are some of the suggestions sent in:

  • My God, my God! Why have you unfriended me? 
  • And on the seventh day, He chilled
  • And while they were in the field, Cain unfriended Abel 
  • In the beginning, God created the hardware and the software
  • And Adam replied to the Lord, "I've changed my Facebook status to naked and hiding."
  • Go forth and do the math
  • And for 40 years the mothers told their children, "Yes, it's manna for dinner AGAIN"
  • Thou shalt not misappropriate
  • An iPhone for an iPhone
  • Judge not, lest ye be voted off
  • Give props to the Lord
  • For God so loved the world, He didn’t send a committee


Native American Camperships
Native American Camperships is Bethany’s Cause of the Month for May. Your donations support Ojibwa week at Camp Metigoshe. It is devoted to hosting American-Indian children from the Turtle Mountain Reservation. Use the global mission envelope in your offering box to support the work of the church among Native Americans.


Spring Fling May 9th

Our annual “Spring Fling” will be held on Wednesday, May 9. What is the “Spring Fling”? It is the way in which our Sunday school students honor their grandparents and all older members of Bethany. The students will present a program for them in the Fellowship Hall beginning at 5:45pm. Come and enjoy!

***Exciting News****
There will be a 2018
Bus Trip! pastedGraphic
The Bethany Bus Trip will be “Heading West” finding surprises hidden on the North Dakota Prairie. It is with great enthusiasm that we share the details about an upcoming Bethany Bus Trip August 27-29
th. We again have hired our chartered bus out of Rugby with our regular driver, John, at the wheel to explore sites in western North Dakota.
We will leave Minot on Monday morning, August 27th, and travel to the Falkirk Mine near Washburn to explore the coal mining industry finding treasures beneath the prairie. After lunch we then travel to Bismarck to the newly expanded North Dakota Heritage Center. That evening we will be enjoying a steamboat ride down the Missouri before settling for the night at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Mandan.
Tuesday brings us to Medora stopping first at the Badlands Bible Camp for a servant project and our noon lunch. We then will have time to explore downtown Medora, attend the pitchfork fondue and the Medora musical.
Wednesday brings us to the North Unit of the Theodore National Park, The Watford City Oil Museum and Fort Union Historical Site. After an evening meal in Stanley we return into Minot having explored some of the hidden surprises on the Western North Dakota Prairie.
The bus trip is limited to a total of 50 people with the Bethany members having until April 30
th to make their $100 non-refundable deposit on the trip. From May 1 until June 30 members from other church and friends can join on a first come basis. Total cost of the trip is $420 for double rooms and $545 for single rooms. We hope you will consider traveling with us and having a meaningful and fun time! Please contact the office with reservation information. Final payment be due by July 25th.

Will meet Tuesday, March 21
st at Trinity Nursing


Quilting Will Take Place THE 3rd Wednesday of the month
(May 16
th) at 9:00 AM

pastedGraphicwill take place 2nd sunday (May 13th) @
9:30 AM

April Offering

04/01 $6,977
04/0 4 & 04/08 $6421
04/11 $790
04/15 $5952
04/18 $272
04/22 $4261
04/25 $
04/29 $
Thrivent Simply Giving $5400
Thrivent Choice $2164

Camp Metigoshe Day Camp is coming up June 25-29. Join the Metigoshe Staff for arts & crafts, games, music, daily Bible study, and service projects. Camp will be 9AM to 3PM Monday - Thursday. 9AM - 11:30AM Friday. Ice Cream Social Thursday Evening at 6:30PM and Closing Program at 7PM. The church will provide a snack, campers must bring their own sack lunch. Campers entering 1st-6th grade register in the office. For more information contact Deidre Wall at 701-240-6791

Bethany Lutheran Church Day Camp
will be held June 25-29. Join Ariel Hirzel for arts & crafts, games, music, and more! Camp will be 9AM - 11:30AM Monday - Friday. A snack will be provided by the church. Campers 3 years old - entering kindergarten register in the office. For more information contact Deidre Wall at 701-240-6791

Bethany Lutheran Foundation
March 2018
Greg Simonson
James & Dawn Evans

APRIL 2018
Kathryn Swanson

Greg Simonson

Kathryn Swanson
Lenhart and Viona Mindt
Lane and Ardis Evans
Jerrolyn Wirtz
Rosie Tollefson
Deb Stahlberg
Boyd and Phyllis Hanson
Greg and Sue Johnson
Millard and Carol Lee
Greg Simonson
Archie and Elaine Kress


Wear Red for Pentecost!
On Sunday May 20th, we celebrate the Day of Pentecost-the day that Jesus’ disciples received the gift of the Holy Spirit. Wear something red (a red necktie, a red scarf, or a dress or shirt) to remind ourselves of this great gift from God. You may also wish to bring a red geranium to decorate our sanctuary & then take home again after worship.

Foundation Food for Thought

Did you know?

  • The Bethany Foundation is providing financial assistance to Bethany members going on the mission trip to Nicaragua in April. We look forward to learning about their experience!

  • Bethany Foundation scholarship applications for Bethany college students are now available for completion ONLINE by the June 30th deadline! Click on the “Foundation” tab at

  • New addition this spring! Bethany Foundation scholarship for Bethany college students serving as summer camp staff at these WND Synod Outdoor Ministries:

  • If YOU would like to support these exciting opportunities for Bethany members, please consider a donation to the Bethany Foundation!

pastedGraphic pastedGraphic

The BLCW rummage and bake sale will be Saturday, May 5th from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Please bring your rummage to the NW entry (door #4). All rummage must be at the church by 10:00 a.m. on Friday. We also appreciate any and all baked goods. Please have them at the church by noon on Friday. Our sale is the best! Please stop by. Remember, we serve those delicious caramel rolls and coffee too. See you there!
Hammering Out Faith with Dad: On the first weekend of May once again the Dad and Kids retreat will be held at the Metigoshe Bible Camp. This retreat is for Dad’s who want to make a memory with one of their kids by exploring the great outdoors and working in the shop building a FAITH Chest. The retreat begins at 7:00 on Friday evening and runs until noon Sunday. The retreat is open to all Bethany Dads with kids between the age of 8-12. The weekend cost is $145 per family which also covers the material for the faith chest. The Bethany foundation also is offering a $100 scholarship to each family that attends this retreat so the net cost is $45. Please talk to other families that have participated in this retreat and ask about the experience. We hope you would consider putting this very unique memory with Dad on your calendar.

The Turtle Mountain Cluster of Women of the ELCA met Saturday, April 7th, in Rugby. Judy Anderson, Kathryn Swanson and Sue Taft attended. The theme was “Spring House Cleaning.” Both the devotions in the morning and the message during the communion service developed the idea of opening our hearts & letting the Holy Spirit blow through, cleaning out our sinfulness and strengthening our thankfulness to God for Christ’s resurrection. New Cluster offers were elected: Co-cordinators Taryse Olsson and Laurie Lashman, secretary Janele Shannon and treasurer Judy Anderson. Five mini workshops were offered: cardmaking ministry, relaxing yoga, Bible doodling and journaling (it’s really all right to write &underline in your Bible!), finances for women (Thrivent Financial), & food hospitality. Short reports were given on the progress at Metigoshe Ministries, and Lutheran Social Services. It was a thought -provoking and fun day. The fall cluster meeting will be here at Bethany in Sept. Put it on your calendar and plan to attend

Bethany Foundation Board Meeting
March 27
, 2018

Those in attendance were Alan Walter, Mark Schumaker, Pastor Gerald, Brian Messmer, Greg Simonson, Paulette Nush, Sue Johnson. Absent: Don Anderson, Don Hummel, Al Dietz, Tony Meiers and Tim Reiten.

The meeting was called to order by President Alan Walter.

Secretary’s report: Minutes from the March 20, 2018 meeting were approved as presented.

Unfinished Business:

  • Trent Westmeyer feels his schedule will allow him to attend quarterly Foundation meetings and therefore has reconsidered serving on the board. Greg made a motion nominating Trent Westmeyer to fill the open position on the Foundation Board. Second by Mark. Motion carried.

New Business:
  • A request was made on behalf of Krista Mathistad, who is spending the year serving in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar through the ELCA Young Adult in Global Mission (YAGM) Program. Each YAGM participant was asked to raise $5,000 as part of their funding for the program. Krista has raised $4,145 with a remaining balance of $855. Krista’s request was for $500. Sue made a motion to fund Krista’s remaining balance of $855. Second by Paulette. Motion carried.

LYO in May

May 2

7:15Houston Parent & Student Meeting
May 69:30Coffee Hour
May 95:45Spring Fling!

7:15Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry
May 139:30Coffee Hour
May 167:15End of the Year Party :-)
May 209:30Coffee Hour
May 2710:00Celebrate our Seniors! Coffee Hour
The LYO will be selling “stock”. For your $25 share you get a certificate showing your support of the LYO, a postcard from Houston, and an invitation to our stockholders dinner to be held after we get back.  We make you dinner and share our experiences from our trip to the ELCA Youth Gathering that you helped make possible! If you are interested please talk to any of the youth attending the gathering (Dalyce, Jaci, Breana, Phoebe, Grady, Jorn, Isaak) or any of the LYO leaders (Donna, Shelley, or Jacob).

A huge thank you to Becky Hill and Sundre Sand & Gravel for sponsoring our “Salt of the Earth” t-shirts for Houston!  Shirts will also be on sale to members of the congregation. Be on the look-out for order forms!

April 2018 Memorials:

In Memory of Evie Chambers
Fellowship Hall tables from Jay & Sherie Diede
and family.
In Memory of Doug Lafontaine
Sound System from Terry & Karn Stevick.
In Memory of Michael Jordahl
Music from Jeffrey Jordahl.
In Memory of Inez Serr
Undesignated from Betty Lindsey, Boyd & Phyllis Hanson, Virginia Berg, Xcel Energy.
Sunday School from Terry & Karn Stevick.
Music from Bryan & Nadine Holmly.
Choir from Bill & Bev Jensen.
In Memory of Edith Anderson

Ministry of Care from Betty Lindsey, Pat Julson.
Music from Bryan & Nadine Holmly, Bill & Bev Jensen.
Church School from Terry & Karn Stevick.
Undesignated from Marvin Walker, Duston & Karen Stevens.
In Memory of Jan Anderson
Undesignated from Lavon Morris, Pat Buen & Diana Pollert, Claire Larson.
In Memory of John Williams
Sound System from Terry & Karn Stevick.


Bethany Birthday’s!

2nd – Kobe Ballantyne, Renae Beeter,
Alexzander Rosencrans
3rd – Maverick Hartleib
th – Tim Lindsey, Adeline Mueller,
Geraldine Peterson, Jim Sundley
th – Randy Froseth
th – Joan Irwin, Joshua Jensen, Anne Smart
th – Mike Ennis, Ryan Lester,
Darrell Michalenko, Bexley Zietz
th – Barbara Aase, Eunice Farstad,
Miranda Kasha, Tonya Knutson
th – Darin Grondahl
th – Shirley Frost, Benjamin Seier
th – Ian Holmly, Cyndi Morlang,
Connie Westmeyer
th – Sara Van Dyke
th – Kaelyn Hirzel, Larae Hirzel
th – Joan Hokenson
th – Courtney Anderson, Lloyd Dahl,
Roger Tollefson
th – Axl Dopp, Jaden Grosz, Brian Mathson
th – Brandon Ofsthum
th – Miranda Dyke, Elizabeth Gehring,
Jane Lommen
st – Marissa Dyke, Julie Hoaglund,
Tia Hummel
rd – Michael Carson, Shad Froseth,
Simon Ryan
th – Dylan Alexander, Brinley Filipek,
Allie Wallin
th – Tegan Schindler, Jaxon Thompson,
Parker Wold
th – Cooper Deforest, Travis Heilman,
Ralph Kuhnhenn, James Morken,
Eunice Rostvedt
th – James Coffin, Emily Hedstrom
th – Steven Peterson
st – Jacob Marsh

CAMP QUILT-A-MUCHA July 18-20, 2018 10:00 am Wednesday to 5:00 pm Friday
Cost: $145 per person $10 discount if registered on or before July 11, 2018
Hearts Hands Voices: Workshop for Church Musicians @ First Lutheran Church
Jun 24 @ 12:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Hearts Hands Voices: Local Workshop for Church Musicians
First Lutheran Church, 120 5th Ave. NW Minot, ND
Sunday, June 24, 2018 $35/adults students, ages 11-18 are free
Register at:
12:30- Registration 1:00- “Leading congregational song with a variety of instruments.” (Held in the Sanctuary) Some basic hints will be given for helping people feel secure singing in church, whether lead by piano, organ, keyboard, guitar, string, or band instruments. 2:00- Choral singing workshop (Held in the choir room.) 3:00- Snack break 3:15- “We bought some drums. Now what do we do?” (Held in the Sanctuary) People of all ages can learn some basic percussion rhythms to play on many styles of music. If you have specific instruments you would like to learn to play, bring them along. We will send you home with skills and hand-outs to refer to in the future. 4:00- Pastors Jon and Renee Splichal Larson present a new liturgy of healing called “Mourning Into Dancing.” This liturgy incorporates music written by seminarian, Ben Larson, before his death in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, with the liturgy and prayers of Pastor Susan Ruth Briehl. We will use this liturgy in our 5:30 healing service, following our workshops. 5:00- Choral rehearsal for service in the balcony. 5:30- Healing Service with Holy Communion in the First Lutheran Sanctuary. This is open to the public, in addition to workshop participants.

Bible camp–it’s not just for kids anymore! Pause your hectic family schedule to do Bible camp together. You will play in the woods, worship around the campfire, and make memories everywhere. Families will stay in the comfortable, adult-friendly accommodations of the Christian Center, but spend their days at Pelican Lake.
Family Camp I July 8-10, 2018
Camp begins at 5:00 pm on Sunday and concludes at 7:00 pm Tuesday
Cost: $225 for First Pair; $100 for each additional person