Pastor’s Article for the September Newsletter, “Help Me!”
Where did I lay my telephone! Did you see my car keys? We are busy people; our schedules and responsibilities often make life very chaotic. These dynamics in life often cause us to misplace and lose things, some things known and others unknown or even unrealized. If you are like me, I have to retrace my steps often to find what I’ve misplaced. I hear stories about both young and old looking for things they have lost. Or should I say misplaced, that sounds better! But an even bigger problem comes when we are unaware of what we might not even know we are missing!
Our church bible readings in recent weeks have centered on Jesus trying to teach us that He is the “Bread of Life.” God desires to be the one who gives us complete lives so that we are not longing for material things and activities but those pieces that have true and everlasting meaning. Both those regularly in church and those seldom present have raised conversations and questions around what “gifts from God” are all about. One gift from God is the forgiveness of sins. But we often go through the words but pay little attention to the power behind the “forgiveness of sins” and what it means for us.
I believe the “confession of sins” should be a part of every church service. In this church ritual we speak words of being aware of our sins and our need to hear God’s proclamation of forgiveness. Have you listened and spoke those words with conviction and meaning lately? If so, we hope you have also been blessed in the “proclamation of your forgiveness”. God desires to forgive you but does ask that you realize this is something you can not accomplish on your own. We then can realize that we have received this forgiveness completely as a “gift from God”?
The next gift from God we lift to you is “Holy Communion”. Four times in the past weeks I have had individuals that have expressed not being worthy of receiving God’s love through communion. I have attempted to remind them that we are never good enough to please God, but that he loves us anyway and desires for us to receive the gifts of his love. Yes, I said gift, Holy Communion we believe is something far beyond what we can ever earn or be good enough to earn. Holy Communion is God offering us a present and asking us to unwrap and receive it.
So often we search high and low for things to buy or experience that will place meaning, purpose and enjoyment in life. In that search we often don’t ever think about the most significant gifts in the world, God’s love. May we never take his gifts for granted, but always cherish and long for receiving it again and again.
God accepts us in our baptism as his children and then he desires to bless us with his gifts as any good parent would love to do. Have you been missing something? Why not try unwrapping these gifts from God as we renew our focus at the beginning of a school year and the changing of the season. Life is filled with so much, but often it is the things we don’t know were missing that will make the most difference.
Thank you, God for giving us the gift of your Son who died and rose again that we might have a changed life. When we know what we are missing, a gift is truly appreciated. Thanks God for being the help we desperately need, we don’t know what we’d do without you!
Blessings, Pastor Gerald

Awesome weekend held “Fishing in Faith”
Bethany men recently enjoyed a weekend together at Camp of the Cross at a retreat called Fishing in Faith.  Joining them were fellows from Minot and Bismarck.  We spent time eating too much and waiting for the fish to bite, but the best part of our time together was renewing friendships and building new relationships, both with God and one another.   Jake Thrailkill played guitar for the guys around the camp fire.   Thanks to all those who took part.  This was our fourth annual event with hope to do the same next year in the first part of August.   Please consider taking part next year!


August Offering
05 $6,095 12 $5912
19 $5,124 26 $?
Electronic Giving………… $5,818
Thrivent Choice $

August Ministerial Acts
Funerals: LaVerne Lattendresse, Klamantz Schmaltz
Baptisms: Henry Everett Howard
Weddings: Michael Larson & Alexus Arthur
Transfer Out: Chelsie Girard

Attention Bethany Boys
  • Breakfast with the Boys begins Saturday, September 8, at 7:15am.
  • Coffee with the Boys begins on Thursday, September 6 at 9am at Bethany.

Volunteer Your Talents
Sing in the Choir
Chapel Choir 5:15PM to 5:45 PM
(Grades 6-12) Beginning on Sept. 12
Carol Choir 4:45PM to 5:15 PM
(Grades 1-5) Beginning on Sept.12
Sanctuary Choir 7:30 (Adults) Sept. 12 Come and Join You Will Love
Singing with Us

Sunday Morning Circle Resumes
Sunday Morning Circle will meet September 9. All are welcome.
September Cause of the Month
Global Health Ministry
Who We Are
Since 1989, Global Health Ministry has sent teams of health care professionals to provincial villages and distressed urban areas in Latin America and the Caribbean to help people with little or no access to professional health care. Global Health Ministry collects sterile bandages, dressings, gauze, & other medical supplies that would otherwise be discarded in our American health care system. These are distributed in places of need. Support Global Health Ministry by using your global mission envelope in your offering box.

Date Time Activity Where Who Misc.
Sept. 5 7:15 pm Games in the Park
Sept. 9 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Sept. 12 7:15 pm Scavenger Hunt
Sept. 16 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Sept. 19 7:15 pm Bible Study with Jake
Sept. 22 MSU Homecoming Parade
Sept. 23 9:30 am Coffee Hour
Synod Forms Due
Sept. 26 7:15 pm I love the fireside!

Welcome back!  Jacob, Shelley, and Donna are excited for another year of crazy LYO fun with you!  We meet every week 7:15-8:30 and always look forward to seeing your smiling faces and hearing about your week.  If you have requests for activities let us know! 6th graders are invited to join us the first Wednesday of every month.

9th-12th graders what are you doing over teacher’s convention? You have the great opportunity to attend the Western ND Synod Youth Gathering!  It’s October 18th-20th in Bismarck with headliners Joe Davis and Agape. There is something for everyone!! We hear from different speakers, participate in large and small group worship, tackle some service learning projects, and get to swim a little too!  The cost is $100 and registration is due September 23rd.
Høstfest Cookie Baking
Hostfest is coming soon and we will again be baking cookies to sell at the Stockholm Booth. Because of health guidelines, all cookies need to be baked at the church or in a commercial kitchen. The following dates have been set up. Please contact the chairperson listed for each day that you would like to help.
Sept 4 at 9:00 am Ginger Cookies
Cyndee Beutler 720-6770
Sept 6 at 9:00am Sugar Cookies
Teresa Erie 833-5633
Sept 13 at 9:00am Date Filled Bars
Pat Schimke 839-5883

Sept 18 at 1:00pm Krumkaka
Kathryn Swanson 838-4756
Sept 21 at 9:00 am Sanbakkles
Kathryn Swanson 838-4756
We should also have groups making Rosettes if anyone would like to organize these. Thanks to all who are helping out.
LuAnn and Sharyl

Quilting will start again Sept 5th. Are you ready? We’re anticipating another season of good work, good fellowship and good treats. New workers are always welcome. You do not need to know how to sew. Most of our tasks are non-sewing, tying, pinning the edges, cutting blocks, and laying out the quilts on the tables ready for the tiers. In fact, we really need people to lay out the quilts. On the job training is given as needed, and the benefits are great. We quilt the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Please come and help. If you can’t come every time, we don’t dock your pay! Any question please call Sue at 852-1981. Thanks in Advance!
Bethany will be hosting the Women’s Turtle Mountain Cluster Meeting on Saturday September 15th from 9-3. Any questions, please contact Judy Anderson.

Sept. 26 – Sept. 29


Home Cell
Chairman Larry Walter 838-5329 720-1981
Stockholm Booth
LuAnn Roise 839-4306 629-1567
Sharyl Roth 838-6885 720-4614
Tray Line AM
Jeanne Meiers 839-1221
Tray Line PM
Tony Meiers 629-1938
Paulette Nush 838-0402 720-5191
Biscuits & Gravy
Dick Hodnefield 838-5597
Larry Roth 838-6885 720-0535
Donna Erickson 852-3603
Bruce Grover 838-1475
Kitchen Staff
Tim Reiten 340-9857
Cleanup Saturday
Pete Thunshelle 838-9552
Council Rep
Tim Reiten 340-9857

There will be a Hostfest Meeting on Sept 13th at 7:00 pm in the Library

Attention Bethany Ladies

Quilting ladies meet on September 5th and 19th at 9:30am
Sunday Morning Circle will meet September 9
th at 9:30am
Ruth Bible Study will meet September 11
th at 2:00pm
Miriam Bible Study will meet September 13
th at 2:00pm
Mary Circle will meet September 18
th at 9:30am

Party on the Grass!

The BLCW and the church council will be hosting Party on the Green on September 5th to welcome back everyone to our fall programming. This is for everyone in our Church and community. We will be having festivities in the green space of Central Campus just north of Bethany. We are serving hotdogs, hamburgers, corn and cookies. We will begin serving the meal at 5:45. Come enjoy music, games and fellowship. No need to bring anything other than yourself, maybe a friend and a lawn chair.



Karn Stevick Memorial
Archie & Elaine Kress $10.00
Greg & Sue Johnson $100.00

Bud Fletcher Memorial
Jeanne and Steven Albrecht $25.00

Clare Mathistad Memorial
Greg Simonson and Family $40.00


If you Amazon, PLEASE consider using This is a secure website that is a part of Amazon but donates 0.5% of your purchase back to Bethany Lutheran Church. The link is on our Bethany Facebook page or enter the link:

Bethany Birthday’s!
1st –Elaine Polsfut
nd –Al Hanson, Preston Johnson
rd –Zachary Beeter
th –Crosby Longie, Todd Mathistad,
Matthew Pederson, Dela Swartout
th –Rebekah Randash
th –Diane Caley, McKenna Hodenfield,
Marie Meier, Mark Schumaker,
Charles Taft
th –Abby Fisher
th –Cathy Degree, Sherie Reimche
th –Jenna Jensen, Sava Nelson,
Clara Sue Price, Evelyn Smith,
Bentley Walhood
th –Camden Gifford, Allan Opperude
th –Laurie Bjertness, Paulette Nush
th –Eileen Levadney, Connor Schuster
th –Amy Dennis, Caleb Jenkins,
Sherain Olander
th –Kevin Beeter, Maeli Haia, Janet Preskey
th –John Solwey
th –Ashley Harvey, Talon, Hoaglund,
Myranda Hughes, Brianna Johnson,
Matthew Ofsthun, Bethany Shaw
th –Sarah Johnson
th –Wayne Mclain, Alexis Shoberg
th – Isabelle Henderson,
Pastor Gerald Roise, Tami Schafer
st –Mark Norby
nd –Roza Larson, Liam Owens,
Darlene Sanders
th –Janet Langseth
th –Fynn Murphy, Arnold Semchenko
th –Noah Abel, Karla Lee, Kathy Myers
th –Kimberyl Grotte, Larry Schafer,
Marchell Walker
th –Charlie Hebor
th –Robert Anderson, Cameron Clark,
Evan Knutson


What do you wish for the most when taking seven teens to Houston for the National ELCA Youth Gathering? First of all, I did pray often that the bible verse John 13:34- “Love one another, just as I have loved you” would be our number one goal. Nine days together 24-7 can be tough if we don’t get along, but this group passed the test with flying colors. No time was spent on drama. 100% of our time was spent on time together, learning all that they could about their faith, growing in their faith, and soaring to new heights with all that they took in.
Our theme Bible verse for this gathering was Ephesians 2:8 “For by Grace you have been saved through Faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God.” For five days we learned about Gods call, Gods love, God’s grace, Gods hope, and finally that Jesus changes everything. We sang, we listened to speakers, we gathered together with the Western North Dakota Synod just to name a few of the things that we did. In working with teens, I know how important it is for them to find somewhere to belong and gathering with over 30,000 others cannot do anything more than to confirm that they are an important part of our Lutheran Church. Each night we have what is called the “final 15”. The gathering provides us with some questions that help us talk about and reflect on our day and all that we took in. We also share highs and lows of the day. Let me tell you that our teens are amazing. At times we did stray from what we were talking about with giggles and stories of things that had happed throughout the day, but the excitement of what these seven were feeling about their faith was nothing short of amazing. A huge thank you to our congregation for all their support. It takes a whole lot of fundraising to get these teens to a convention. Your support always exceeds our expectations, and I think it is a great thing for these teens to learn as they will one day be supporting our youth. As I looked at the teens faces throughout the gathering I could not help but believe that this experience truly changed everything. As we sang Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves Me, and even don’t stop believing by Journey at this mass gathering, I know they as well as I were forever changed. In closing, I have the song “Pass it on” going through my head. In this song, some of the words are “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.” Well Bethany family I can honestly say that our youth are on FIRE!! 2021 Minneapolis here we come!

This Changes Everything!!
Shelley Duchscherer

How could one event change so many lives? For three years we have been fundraising and looking forward to a trip that was unimaginable. Little did I know that this “little trip” could change my faith in such a massive way. In my mind, before the trip, I thought I would do a little work, hear some sermons, and have a little fun. Instead, I learned that God changes everything. I learned this by listening to people tell their life story’s, doing our service project, and worshiping with over 30,000 other teenage Lutherans. The first night at the NRG stadium, I felt overwhelmed by all the people. However, by the third night I felt all the energy brought by God. I felt the energy by all the great music we sang and by all the great chants that everyone chanted. I would like to thank our church for supporting us through fundraising. I am also excited and looking forward to another life changing experience in another three years but this time with my sister!!

- Breana Morlang 

Thank you to Becky Hill for donating the corn and also thank you to all those who helped pick and prepare it!

Bethany’s Ministry of Care Committee will be collecting non-perishable food in recognition of Hunger Action Month in September. The Donation Station trailer from the Minot Area Community Foundation will again be used and the food will be donated to The Lord’s Cupboard Food Pantry. Food will be collected at the Welcome Back Rally on September 5 and in the Bethany parking lot on Thursday, Sept 6, and Sunday, Sept 9. Peanut butter, cereal, canned vegetables and canned meat are especially needed, but all food is welcome. Thank you for your generous donations. Our congregation and neighbor friends collected over 1,300 pounds of food last year. What a blessing for the hungry in our area!
Bethany Education News
Welcome back parents and children! After a long and rather warm summer, it is almost that time of year where the air turns crisp and the foliage colors change from luscious greens to beautiful reds and yellows. It is time; however, for church school to begin with a “Welcome Back” rally on September 5, 2018. Classroom activities will commence on September 12th with dinner at 5pm.
Our Church Needs YOU
We all lead busy lives; from parenting, school, sports activities or any of the other hundreds of things we plan or schedule. I have a son who plays hockey and that takes up a huge chunk of my family’s time. So, there is very little chance of free time; but I wonder if that is not true.
Pastor Gerald once shared with me how he used to tithe based on the amount of funds he had left over after bills, etc. He then explained to me instead of giving to the church from the bottom, he now takes it off the top. I sense that we treat our church time the same way…whatever we have left over we give. Why not take time from the top and make our church a priority? Not only for our lives, but the lives of our children too.
If you are looking to get more involved in our church, I have some volunteer opportunities for you. You can be a mentor or substitute guiding children through the weekly curriculum. There is no experience needed other than love for our children. And if teaching is not your thing and you still want to help; Kathy Myers will need assistance with meal preparations, serving, and cleaning up after dinner. There are many needs around the church that could use your help. May God protect and lead you through life’s journey.
Blessings! Dave Myers
The BLCW is planning to enter a float in the MSU Homecoming Parade. Anyone can participate, the more the better. We will need someone with a pickup to volunteer to drive in the parade. The route begins downtown and will go down Central Avenue onto Broadway and up to the MSU Dome, we will get more information on exact time from MSU in about a week. We will be handing out candy, and for those that don’t want to walk the parade route, you can ride in the back of the pickup.
We would like to have a large participation from Bethany and show everyone the fun we have. If you need more information or you have a pickup for us to use, call Deb Lee at 340-1889.
August 2018 Memorials:

In Memory of Janice Anderson
Undesignated from Lloyd Anderson.

In Memory of Harry Rollman
Undesignated from Delores Holtz, Brenda Dugging &Tracey Holtz Liebler, Bruce & Linda Finke, N. Hill Bowl.

In Memory of Claire Mathistad
Choir from Charles & Sue Taft.
Undesignated from R.M. & A.C. Peterson, Wayne &Ann Peterson.
CHIF from Donna Schmalz, Betty & Tim Lindsey.

In Memory of Karn Stevick
Sunday School from Harold & Carol Stolt, Vickie Phippins, Michael & Rosann Wold, Leslie & Shelley Randash, Boyd & Phyllis Hanson, Pat Julson, Bruce & Diane Walker, Judy Anderson, George & Linda Walker, Steve & Kari Files, Russell & Donna Kress,
Nancy Morken, Lenhardt & Viona Mindt, Lolly Rostad.
Undesignated from Allen Alvstad, Marianne Tabois, Christy Floriani, Gary & Vicki Summerfield, Lola Hetland, Kathryn Swanson, Genhard & Ardis Holen, Claire Larson,
Darrell & Arlene Michalenko, Duane Olson, Erna Peterson, Dennis & Betty Oothoudt, Janice Klimpel, Donald & Eldora Eliason, Don & Joyce Anderson, Melvin & Margaret Schmidt, Ron & Pat Schimke, Trent & Randi Westmeyer, Judy Teets, Harley & Joanne
Austin, Wally & Cookie Berning, Elaine Hetland & DeeAnnEllingson, Dennis & Betty Haakenson, Bernard Gangl,Gary & Judy Johnson, Arlice Benham, Shannon &
Elaine Polsfut, Peter & Janet Conlin, Roger & MichelleTollefson, CM & DE Pratt, Marquardt & Heilman Insurance Agency.
Music from Bill & Bev Jensen, Bryan & Nadine Holmly, Paul & Wanda Kalamaha.
CHIF from Donna Schmalz, Betty & Tim Lindsey.
Ministry of Care from Kevin & Vicki Johnson,
Mary Carlson, Alma Lee.
Soup Kitchen from M.I. Klug, Carol Skorick,
Gloria Castleman.

In Memory of Jerome Grondahl
Ministry of Care from Ralph or Karen Kuhnhenn.

In Memory of
All Bethany Loved Ones Lost in the Past Year.
Ministry of Care from Pastor Gerald & LuAnn Roise.

CORRECTION:In Memory of Terry Peterson
Undesignated from Nancy Hoiland.

Updated Pledge Offerings thru 8/20/2018
Budget Anticipated Pledges $260,445.00
Actual Received Pledges $249,876.00
Negative Difference of ($10,569)
Bethany is encouraging online giving with sign
up forms being the Narthex or Church office.
If you like the feel of the pledge envelope in your hand—you can simply write “I give online” on the outside! Any questions, please call office.

Pastor Janet’s Joke of the Month
My memory is gone, said Mildred, so I changed my password to “Incorrect.” That way when I log in with the wrong password, the computer will tell me… “Your password is incorrect.”

There will be a parent’s confirmation meeting on Wednesday, August 29th at 7:30 pm.

Fall Trek to Duluth, MN
October 8-14, 2018
There is still time to register for the fun and exciting Fall Trek to Duluth. Enjoy a harvest dinner cruise, scenic railroad fall colors train ride, a gondola ride, a lighthouse tour plus much, much more. Beautiful accommodations with lake views and a fun chartered bus ride are included in the cost of the trip. More details can be found on our website, or you can call and request a brochure. Please call soon, as the registration deadline is September 1.
Cost: $1350/person for double occupancy; $1700 per person for single occupancy
Please go to or call 701.263.4788 to register for a retreat

Friday Night Live
Junior High: October 5-6 Grades 4-6: October 12-13 7 pm Friday to Noon Saturday
Join us for the best sleepovers you will ever experience! We will play games, pray, eat snacks, learn more about God, meet great new friends, head out to camp for adventure and a campfire and maybe even squeeze some sleep into the time. Grab your sleeping bag, appropriate outdoor clothing for the weather and one adult advisor for every six kids.
Cost: $25 per person; No cost for advisors


VOICES FROM THE NORTH Join us for a concert featuring performances from Arctic Norway and an authentic Norwegian meal. Friday, September 21, 2018 4:30 pm – Concert 6:00 pm – Meal Metigoshe Ministries Lakeside Christian Center165 Lake Loop Road E Bottineau, ND 58318Please RSVP by calling 701-263-4788 or email by September 14 Free will offering with proceeds divided between the choirs and Ensure the Adventure building project.
2018 Summer Recap
Camp Metigoshe and the two retreat centers were busy during the summer months. Some statistics for the season are as follows:

51 young adults served Camp Metigoshe on summer staff.
1,106 campers attended Camp Metigoshe at Pelican Lake.
205 people rode on the four camp busses to attend the National Youth Gathering in Houston, Texas.
1,013 children attended Camp Metigoshe Day Camp, held in 26 congregations plus the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation.
Over 2,000 people were overnight or day user guests during the summer months at the Christian Center and Gary’s Place.

Groundbreaking Celebration!
Over 200 people gathered at the Christian Center on August 12 as Board President, Bruce Carlson of Velva, Campaign Chair, Carey Burke of Berthold, and Executive Director, Rev. Jon Halvorson led a Groundbreaking Ceremony. This groundbreaking marks the beginning of construction on the new $3.4 million Conference Center Addition to the Christian Center. The addition will include conference and meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, offices, a sauna and kitchen. With its completion, this new facility will greatly expand retreat and conference capacity and offer a variety of options for multiple user groups using the facilities at the same time. More information on this exciting Phase II of the Ensure the Adventure campaign can be found at