From the Pastor

Is now a good time to talk? We’ve had another mass shooting, this time in a school. That’s not really a surprise. It’s just a matter of time from one mass shooting to the next. The immediate fall-out is that both sides immediately go into the predictable talking-points, with arguments and counter-arguments on who’s to blame, and what should or shouldn’t be done. No surprise there either. And then we all settle down until the next mass shooting.
What did surprise me in the aftermath was this graphic that showed statistics for gun deaths in the U.S. Each symbol here represents 500 gun deaths in 2016.


The fact is, even though mass shootings receive the most media attention, they do not account for even a fraction of the gun-related loss of life in our country. Deaths due to domestic violence, drugs, or self-destruction are thousands of times greater in number. And I don’t really know what to think about that. I am struck by the depth of suffering and sadness that these numbers represent – broken relationships, depression and despair, deep anger, unhealthy choices. And I don’t know what can or should be done. I am hopeful that finally this time, folks will be moved to at least try something. Can we talk to each other and listen without dissolving into anger? Can we look at where are the holes and shortages in our mental health care systems, and why so many fall through the cracks? Can we agree on some forms of legislation, such as increased background checks, or increased restrictions for individuals who have committed domestic violence? There is not one single answer that will solve everything, but doing nothing hasn’t worked for us either. Jesus calls us to follow him to the cross – another instrument of torture and death. We don’t know the thoughts of someone in the last moments of their life, or someone choosing to commit the evil act of taking another’s life, but we do trust that Jesus is with them through to the end, and echoing the words he spoke from the cross, he will pray, “Father forgive them, for they don’t know what they’re doing.”
In Christ, Pastor Janet


Joke of the Month

This month’s joke is a guest contribution from Matt Anderson, who moved to Milan, MN, this past summer. Matt sends his greetings to everyone, and had this joke to share.
A young man made the acquaintance of a young woman, and the two began dating. The more time he spent with her, the more he thought that she might be the one for him. One afternoon, they headed to the beach and went walking barefoot in the sand. The man then noticed that she was missing her big toe on one foot, and two toes on her other foot. For some reason, he was quite shaken up about this new information. He began to feel that he could not continue seeing her. This bothered him because she was otherwise such a wonderful person. He went to visit a psychiatrist, to see if he could be helped to overcome his aversion. After hearing his sad story, the psychiatrist said, “I see what the problem is. You’re lack-toes intolerant!”

Shane & Cyndi Morlang along with their family would again like to thank Bethany Lutheran Congregation and the Minot Community for their prayers and support. Also, a special thank you to Friends thru Faith and Thrivent for hosting the supper & auction fundraiser. With all of the efforts, several thousand dollars has been raised to help with medical expenses and transportation. We are truly blessed to have you all in our lives.

February Offering

02/04 $4784
02/07 $881
02/11 $4795
02/14 $2309
02/18 $2223
02/25 ?
Thrivent Simply Giving $5571
Thrivent Choice $91

Servant Ministries to gather in March
“Carried By Faith” by Sue Hamilton
will be our Servant Ministry book focus during the month of March. This is a true story of the author’s journey through life facing substance abuse and miracles throughout her life. The story is a vivid and honest account of the impact of substance abuse and addiction. Threads that run throughout the book highlight the “power of a praying Mom”, the strength non-family members have on teenagers, and the reality of how God calls us to stand by our spouse in times of trouble. This powerful story will be discussed on Thursday March 8 and 15th at 7:00 PM. The Author Sue Hamilton will personally join us on the 15th to answer questions and share thoughts on the gift of writing and sharing her story. Books are available at the church office for a cost of $12.00 each, payable to Bethany Lutheran Church. Please consider joining us on a topic that touches all families.

***Exciting News****
There will be a 2018
Bus Trip! pastedGraphic
The Bethany Bus Trip will be “Heading West” finding surprises hidden on the North Dakota Prairie. It is with great enthusiasm that we share the details about an upcoming Bethany Bus Trip August 27-29
th. We again have hired our chartered bus out of Rugby with our regular driver, John, at the wheel to explore sites in western North Dakota.
We will leave Minot on Monday morning, August 27
th, and travel to the Falkirk Mine near Washburn to explore the coal mining industry finding treasures beneath the prairie. After lunch we then travel to Bismarck to the newly expanded North Dakota Heritage Center. That evening we will be enjoying a steamboat ride down the Missouri before settling for the night at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Mandan.
Tuesday brings us to Medora stopping first at the Badlands Bible Camp for a servant project and our noon lunch. We then will have time to explore downtown Medora, attend the pitchfork fondue and the Medora musical.
Wednesday brings us to the North Unit of the Theodore National Park, The Watford City Oil Museum and Fort Union Historical Site. After an evening meal in Stanley we return into Minot having explored some of the hidden surprises on the Western North Dakota Prairie.
The bus trip is limited to a total of 50 people with the Bethany members having until April 30
th to make their $100 non-refundable deposit on the trip. From May 1 until June 30 members from other church and friends can join on a first come basis. Total cost of the trip is $420 for double rooms and $545 for single rooms. We hope you will consider traveling with us and having a meaningful and fun time! Please contact the office with reservation information. Final payment shall be due by July 25th.

Will meet Tuesday, March 21
st at Trinity Nursing Home.

Quilting Will Take Place 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
(March 7
th and 21st) at 9:00 AM

pastedGraphicwill take place 2nd sunday (March 11th) in the upper roam upstairs @ 9:30 AM

At Metigoshe

1st Communion Retreat – March 9-10 Friday Night Live (Gr. 4-6) - April 13-14
Piecing Faith Together with Mom – April 20-22
Grace-Filled Gardens – April 27-28
Featherweight Quilting –
April 23-25
Hammering Out Faith with Dad –
May 4-6

February Ministerial Acts

Funerals: Milton Hetland
Transfers Out:
Ariah Evanoff



Community Action/Homeless Coalition

Community Action/Homeless Coalition changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes Minot a better place to live. The coalition is dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other. Community Action Agencies are non-profit organizations originally established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 to fight America’s war on poverty. Community Action Partnership – Minot Region was incorporated in August 1975.

LYO in March

3/4 9:30am Coffee Hour
5:00pm Lenten Soup Supper
7:15pm Gender Benders
9:30am Coffee Hour
3/14 5:00pm Lenten Soup Supper
7:15pm Bible Study
9:30am Coffee Hour
5:30pm Lenten Soup Supper
5:45pm Family Church School:
Prayer Kit
7:15pm Board Game Night
9:30am Coffee Hour-Palm Sunday
Brunch: Pancakes and
No LYO: Holy Week

The LYO will be hosting Lenten Family Suppers each Wednesday through March. Donations of soup, hot-dish, salads, breads, and dessert are greatly appreciated. Please sign up on the clipboard in the kitchen, or call the church office. Donations of sausage for Palm Sunday Brunch are also greatly appreciated.


Soap Month

April is designated as the month to collect soap for Lutheran World Relief. Washing with soap and water is one of the simplest and easiest ways to prevent the spread of disease. Please help prevent illness by bringing a bar or a package of soap to church. Leave it in the containers near the doors. Thank you for your gift. Any questions, call Sue Taft.

Christ Lutheran Swedish Meatball Dinner
With Famous Augustana Rice Pudding!
Sunday, March 4, 10:30am to 2:30pm
Tickets Prices:
Adult $10
Children 12 & Under:
Free Will Offering
Take out available!

March is the "Women of the ELCA" month. Women of the ELCA is the women's ministry organization of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. We will be celebrating this event on March 11th with the women providing breakfast during Fellowship Hour. Please join us!


Dine to donate: 15% of your tab will be donated to Lincoln Rasmusson, (son of Ryan and Samantha Lucy Rasmusson). Thursday March 8
th from 11am to 10pm!


Health Care Kits

As the old saying states, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” The health care kits that Lutheran World Relief distributes help our neighbors stay clean whether they are fleeing from a natural disaster or war. Please help show God’s love by collecting items for the kits:
1 bath-sized towel (approximately 27x52)
1 large-tooth sturdy comb
1 nail-clipper with file
1 toothbrush
2 bars (4oz) or 3 bars (3oz) of soap
Remove all packaging except for around the toothbrush and soap. Many countries have no provision for removing garbage so take combs and nail clippers out of their packaging. Wrap all securely in the towel and tie with string or yarn. We will take a special offering on Sunday, March 11th for those who don’t care to shop. I’ll be glad to spend your money – frugally of course! Items can be brought any time during March. There will be bins by the northeast and south doors. Thank you in advance for your “helping hands to do God’s work”.
Sue Taft


BLCW Rummage Sale

May 5, 2018 is the date of the BLCW rummage sale. Let’s make this year the very best! We will continue to emphasis vintage items and collectibles. Plants were a big seller last year, so we would like to add to this department. If you have a treasure in your house that you know will never be used, donate it to our “new items” table. Crafters, this could be the table for you too. Donate your left-over projects to help the BLCW rummage sale. Someone will love one of these items and you will have made their day!

Save the Date – First Communion Class
As is our tradition, we will offer a First Communion class at the end of Lent, during Holy Week. This year that will be Wednesday, March 28, 6:45 PM. The students will receive their first communion the next evening, at the Maundy Thursday worship service. The class is an interactive event, and includes baking bread and painting a wine glass. Students of any age are welcome, with First grade being the average age that students take the class. Call the church office (838-5196) to register your child, so that we know how many to prepare for.


If you would like to have your newsletter emailed to you instead of being mailed, please let the church office know. OR if you are getting email & mailing both please let us know to cancel one out.
Thank you!

Memorials & Gifts
February 2018

In Memory of Judy Breiland
Undesignated from Lowell & Ann Latimer,
Julie Ebert, & Ann Johnson.
Music from Bryan & Nadine Holmly.

In Memory of Evie Chambers
Tables in Fellowship Hall from Jay & Sheree Diede and family.

In Memory of Lori Tollefson
Lettering N. Side of building below Cross from
Mark Tollefson & family

Annual Meeting Recap

All of the 2017 annual reports to the congregation were approved as written in the meeting booklet. An additional note from Tony Meiers was that the Foundation has expanded its educational scholarship guidelines and would encourage everyone to consider this when making gifts to the church. The revised Constitution and Bylaws of the church were approved. The budget was approved for 2018, as presented.  The congregation was informed that expenses for 2018 will be more due to staff positions being filled, and it is hoped that there will be a corresponding increase in income to support these positions. Council members elected to three-year terms were Brian Berg, Brian Messmer, Jean Meiers, Deb Lee, & Cleo Berven.  Dave Myers and Allen Hirzel were elected to one-year terms on the council. The Western North Dakota Synod Delegates are Dave and Kathy Myers and Deanna Syverson. Three people were elected to the Nominating Team: Mary Duchsherer, Hannah Foley, and Lisa Zietz.


The Sanctuary Choir will be having Cantata rehearsals on Saturdays March 17 and March 24 at 10:00 am.

Rhubarb Fest
Thank You

Another party another success. Thank you to each and every one that participated in the festival. It takes everyone to make this party so much fun and enjoyable. $897 in free will donations were given for the soup kitchen.


Community Impact
Pizza Ranch Minot
Thurs March 15
Funds raised for the Men’s Homeless Shelter


Funds raised for bus project totaled $856.00!


Easter Sunday Services:
April 1, 2018
6:30am, 8:30am & 10:30am


Bethany Birthday’s!

1st – Taya Bearman, Brenda Miller
nd –Tyler Ballantyne, Linsay Johnson,
Joshua Vannett,
Haley Williams
rd –Teegan Dangel, Marlene Pankow,
Ardeth Strand
th – Patrick Fix, Marcus Hughes,
Sydney Okeson
th – Kimberly Alexander, Krista Mathistad
th – Elliott Flood-Johnson,
Rhett Pederson, Derek Telehey
th – Donald Anderson, Sophia Rau
th – Gloria Sorenson
th – Alicia Horgeshimer, Ryan Walker,
Randi Westmeyer
th – Bonnie Pearce
th – Grady Duchscherer, Jennifer Hubrig
th – Cole Brose, Jeff Brose,
Jackie Gehring, Mary Jordahl
th – Lori Armstrong, Ethan Dangel,
Julie Post
th – Evan Holmly
th – Stephanie Metz, Vivian Seier
th – Angelina Bertsch, Jane Grunewald
th – Jerry Hoiland, Marilyn Lucy
th – Becky Hill, Signe Meinert,
Julie Okeson
th – Todd Breitkreutz
st – Ariel Hirzel, Matthew Metz
nd –Jackie Hebor, Eleanor Lee,
Anthony Malachowski,
Ethan Shoberg, Larry Sorenson
rd – Tracy Hubrig, Travis Hubrig,
Ty Jones, Shelly Randash
th – Justin Deisch, Jaci Jones,
Colton Schuster
th – Meredythe Lester
th – David Abel, Brian Aufforth,
Savannah Field, Brooke Meine
th – Peder Colbenson
th – Ione Harshberger, Don Hummel,
Kari Olson, Brittany Telehey
th – Sharon Fix
th – Colton Bourquin
st – Stephanie Hubrig, Alma Lee,
Roger Lee